A Little More

Don't replace it, refinish or restore it!

Refinishing is a great way to update and get the look that you want without having to part with the wood pieces you love. Restoration not only brings heirlooms back to its inherently beautiful state, it preserves a link to the past for years and generations to come.

Rees's Pieces Restoration services include removal of old paint, varnish, shellac and lacquer through hand stripping, scraping and sanding. Staining, painting, distressing, glazing and antiquing available to help bring your perfect finish to life. Repairing of cracks, dents and gouges as well as disassembling, cleaning and re-gluing of old joints also available.

Rees's Pieces Restoration values antiques as they are a cultural legacy and the significance of a piece of furniture may be its association with our great-great-grandparents or with a legendary maker, both of which can be equally valid.

It is my hope that when I work on an antique that the furniture itself, its makers and its history are brought back to life.

I do it "For the love of wood"